Dynamic Movement Intervention - DMI (Woolooware only)

What is DMI?

Dynamic Movement Intervention is a therapeutic Technique used to treat children with motor delay by improving automatic postural responses & help the child progress towards developmental milestones. The goal is to provoke a specified active motor response from the child in response to defined dynamic exercise. It reflects current research on neurorehabilitation, technologies & methodologies DMI stimulates neuroplasticity to help children’s brains make new & improved connections & develop their motor milestones like walking, running & jumping.

Benefits of DMI

  • Improves gross motor skills by developing automatic motor movement Gradual progression through continuously increasing the challenge to encourage the child to respond with greater independence
  • All exercises focus on optimal anatomical alignment & stimulate postural control & verticality
  • Muscle & joint range of motion is achieved by dynamic & functional stretching
  • Balance is a common theme through the exercises
  • Functional movements that lead to attaining milestones
  • Somatosensory development through the strong sensory information provided by the exercises that sends affront messages to the brain to create specialised synapses that fine tune balance & muscle control & movement
  • Strives to provide normalised movement patterns to children with neurological dysfunction to assist with integration of disruptive primitive reflexes



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