Technology and Posture

Have you found yourself at times texting or using the computer for hours on end, only to be left with aching shoulders, a craning neck and at times even a headache? These are some physical signs of incorrect technology use!

Technology has started to slowly consume our lives, whether it’s the hours we spend working on that online report in the office or editing our latest Instagram photo (guilty!), either way it is taking a toll on our health and body. So let’s get physical, what is happening to our bodies? When we sit for hours glued to our devices, our body falls into a poor posture in order to conserve energy! This poor posture typically looks like the picture below, hunched over posture, a forward head carriage and rolled in shoulders.

Below are some easy tips to take into consideration the next time you find yourself spending countless hours on technology:

Breaks: It is so important to keep moving. It is recommended that with every hour spent sitting down using the computer or your phone/tablet, 5 mins should be spent standing, waking around and doing some basic stretches. Get those muscles working and that blood pumping!

Before bed use: If you’re planning to use technology at night, consider putting it away 1-2 hours before bed. Use before bed has a direct correlation to sleep. The bright light from the screen keep your brain switched on for longer periods of time and thus affects our REM (deep sleep) cycle. If you’re noticing you’re getting enough hours of sleep yet still feel unrefreshed upon awakening, take into consideration that your technology use may be a factor.

Posture: As mentioned above our body tends to fall into an energy conservation mode when sitting for hours on the computer, therefore awareness is the number one objective! When you’re finding yourself slumped over with your shoulders rolled in, start by sitting a little taller, pull your shoulders back and down and bring your neck a back towards a double chin but ease off before you start noticing them! It might feel weird at the start but with repetition of these movements, the more normal they feel!

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