Physiotherapy: SMART tools

Our physiotherapist, Joseph has been doing some travelling to Brisbane and San Francisco to further his knowledge and learn some exciting new techniques that he now incorporates into his treatments.

SMART Tools, which originated in Cleveland, Ohio, is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue massage. Joseph is accredited and proficient in using SMART tools and finds it extremely effective in breaking up fibrous knots, facial release, scar tissue breakdown and the reduction of general muscular tension.

Nationally, Joseph is one of only a handful of qualified SMART tools therapists. He is a SMART tools ambassador and is one of four instructors that can teach future therapists the use of this modality in Australia in New Zealand. If you are a chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, podiatrist or other manual therapist and are interested in becoming a qualified SMART Tools practitioner, please follow the course link to our upcoming courses in Sydney below.

For our lovely clients at Back to Balance, whether you are a gym junkie or an office warrior, feel free to ask Joseph about these techniques and whether he believes they would be suitable for you.


Joseph Violi
Physiotherapist, B.Health Science, M Physio

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