Is spring causing your skin condition to flare up?

by Miroslav Ivanovic


Spring is upon us and this is a time when an increasing number of patients i see react to changes in temperature and moisture in the air. This often exacerbates skin conditions such as eczema, hay fever, vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis as the body reacts to external triggers by releasing a chemical called histamine and other chemical mediators. What a lot of people don’t realise is how much the internal environment in the body impacts on the severity of the reaction the body has on these triggers. How many of you have developed hay fever and allergies recently and never suffered from these conditions before? This may be because your body has changed not just the environment. Stress, diet, sleep and food intolerance can all affect these conditions. This is why an individualised approach that looks at diet, family history and medical history with the right testing will deliver the best results.

Even acne which i have treated in adolescence may be affected by some these triggers. April Moore, 16, presented to me with acne and we put her on an individualised treatment plan. After 5 months April is very happy with the results and is now on a personalised maintenance program (see attached, before and after). It’s important to note that individual results may vary and signs of infection like redness, swelling and pus should never be ignored and warrant urgent medical attention. I will work alongside your doctor to deliver the best results and find that an integrative approach ensures that my patients get the most effective treatment and results.


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