Fight or flight

Topic: Are you living in Flight or Fight mode??? And how do we switch it off??

by Dr Cherie Mcallister

Too many things to do? Exhausted? Stressed by never ending list of things to get done? It’s likely that you’re in Fight or Flight Mode.

The body is a brilliant thing, with most of our functions working without us even having to think about, but how does what we do physically everyday effect these systems?

The automatic nervous system has two modes Rest and digest and fight or flight mode.

The more pleasant of the two is rest and digest. This is our restorative mode, where we are calm, our blood pressure is low and our body systems are working. It’s where our digestion system does its magic to use the food we eat and turn it into the fuel our body needs. When we are rested then so is our colon helping to eliminate waste and keep us regular(preventing unpleasant back up).

Now Fight or Flight, it is how the body prepares us for a stressful or emergency situation. It does this by increasing heart rate as well as moving blood away from our organs and into our muscles. Why? So we are ready to run. Brilliant! In the the right situation that is. It’s good if you are being chased by a bear… these events should be rare however, a lot of us are relying on the flight or fight response just to get though the day.

Signs that you spend to much time in Fight or Flight Mode:

  • Poor digestion and food intolerances
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Poor sleep
  • Muscle tension
  • Chronic inflammation – everything hurts?
  • Weight gain
  • Poor immune

What you can do:
Start with the basics first!

  • Drink enough water
  • Sleep
  • Take a time out. If for you that is dark chocolate and a bubble bath , then go for it. We need time looking after ourselves so that the body can learn to distinguish the difference between life threatening situations and just normal everyday ones.

What your Chiropractor can do:

  • Give exercises to stimulate your rest and digest mode
  • Cranial Adjustments, great to clear up that brain fog
  • Nutritional advice, is there something you are eating or not eating?
  • Regular adjustments! This is why it is so important to keep up with your appointments, they make sure your brain knows exactly what’s going on in your body so that it control it more efficiently and remain calm.


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